Major Historical Events 







French Revolution Begins - 1789




Industrial Age - 1800






Battle of Trafalgar - Oct. 21 1805



France Revolutionized - 1815







Victorian Era in England - 1837






Charles Darwin Writes Origin of the Species -1859




Aesthetic Movement  - 1870


Charles Darwin Writes The Descent of Man - 1871




Arts and Crafts Movement Begins - 1880




























World War One - 1914 




The Oath of Horatii 




Battle of Trafalgar 

 End of Revolution!!

 Victorian Era

Wild Poppies 

 Charles Darwin and his naturalist ideas had a major influence on the arts.








Sunflowers is a painting by Van Gogh about SUNFLOWERS!!

 Art moves into furniture too.


Our favorite painting.  :)   Starry Nights



















Major Art Styles and Events 

1770 - Benjamin West paints The Death of General Wolfe

1784 - Jacques-Louis David paints The Oath of Horatii 


1787 - Jacques-Louis David paints The Death of Socrates



1793 - Jacques-Louis David paints The Death of Marat









1815 - JMW Turner Paints Dido Building Carthage

 1817 - Death on a Pale Horse is painted by Benjamin West

 1822 - JMW Turner paints The Battle of Trafalgar


1838 -  JMW Turner paints The Fighting Temeraire 

 1844 - Gustave Courbet paints The Wounded Man and The Hammock

 1849 - Gustave Courbet paints A Burial at Ornans












1873 - Claude Monet paints Impression Sunrise and Wild Poppies

1874 -  Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbor is painted by Claude Monet




1881 - Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre Auguste Renior painted


1884 - Bathing at Asnieres by George Seurat is finished


1884 - George Seurat begins work on A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte


1885 - Vincent Van Gogh paints is first painting, Potato Eaters



1886 A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is finished



1888 - Vincent Van Gogh begins suffering from illness


1889 - Vincent Van Gogh paints both Starry Night and Sunflowers


1891 - The Circus is started by George Seurat but never finished


1896 - Pablo Picasso Does his second painting, Science and Charity


1897 - Henri Matisse paints Dinner Table



1910 -  Picasso paints Girl with Mandolin and helps to develop Analyitical Cubism

1910 - Umberto Boccioni changes style to Futurism

1910 - Hanri Matisse paints Still Life with Geraniums

1912 - Picasso paints Still Life with Chair Caning



1919 - Pierre Auguste Renior finishes The Great Bathers






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