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This was created by Team Jecacoanto

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Historical events such as the Industrial Revolution played a major role in shaping the art styles. Bet you never took that into account.



Welcome to our website!!! We hope you enjoy your stay and make sure to take a look at the different art styles! Who knows maybe you will learn something...


This website was created by Team Jecacoanto to help people better understand the art between 1750 and 1925. We gathered information on the history and the various artists of this time period so that people like you who come to visit our site can become better educated. Think about how much do you know about the art of 1750-1925? Not much? Explore the site! Do you actually know lots about this time period but you don't want to enlighten us? Ahem Wilkowski. Just grade the website....


Anyways, once again, WELCOME and enjoy!!!


























 Just look at the website. Or we WILL come after you.





 We had to research some of the historic and artistic periods in our time.




Our certain teacher was SO helpful he gave us the answers to every question we asked. :D


 Is the focus here really the geraniums??

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