Umberto Boccioni is one of the founders of futurism. He was born on October 18th, 1882 in Reggio, Calabria. As a kid he had an interest in art and he drew and painted romantic and Art Nouveau pieces. From around 1901 he traveled from Rome to Germany and then he got tired from the traditional art style. In 1910, he met Martinetti, the founder of Futurism, and got inspired to start a new and unique art style. This art style was none other than Futurism! He started futurism and inspired other artists to do futurism. In 1915, he volunteered to join the army but a few months later he returned to art. However, he got called back to the army and on August 17th, 1916, he fell from his horse and died.

Some of Umberto Boccioni 's pieces:

Dynamism of a Cyclist (1913) 

  This art piece shows the energy provided by the cyclist. Also show the motion and the speed of the cyclist.

Dynamism of a Soccer Player (1913)

This art piece shows the motion of the soccer player and energy produced by the Soccer player. It is very mechinary which tieds in with the machine developments during 1900s. 

Dynamism of a Human Body (1913)

This art piece shows the energy that people contains and how they uses to move and be in motion. 

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