Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in 1775, died in 1851, both in London, England.  When he was 13 Turner first picked up watercolor and experimented, only to have his father sell the paint.  Turner was admitted to the Royal Academy School at 15 and soon began studying Claude Lorrain.  This had an effect on Turner's early style, he began presenting nature as serene and majestic, and focused on landscape and marine throughout most of his paintings.  Turner enjoyed, and frequently used watercolor.  He would work on multiple paintings, alll in the same materials and color.  This allowed him to always have a day canvas to work on.  JMW Turner is a Romanticism painter because instead of just recording the facts, he translated and painted scenes according to his own feelings.  Unlike other artists of his Era, Turner was successful throughout his career and even founded English watercolor landscape painting.  Turner enjoyed traveling in Europe and found great inspiration in the City of Venice, where many of his famous paintings were painted.  JMW Turner was an artist who painted both the old idyllic landscape and the modern industrial changes.  His paintings will be loved for a long time.

Some of JMW Turner's Pieces

Dido building Carthage; or, the Rise of The Carthaginian Empire 1815

 In 800 BC the Civilization Carthage was established by the Phoenicians in the region that is not Tunisia.  This city soon flouristed as the commercial trade center of the Mediterranean.  After Turner finished this piece, he loved it and requested that his body to be wrapped in it's canvas upon his death.  Turner later rethought and altered this request.

The Battle of Trafalgar 1822

 In 1823 Turner was commissioned by King George IV to paint this piece.  Not only was this painting his only Royal commission, it was also the largest picture that Turner had ever painted.  He was often critisized for getting the facts in the painting wrong, but referring to one response, "Well, in a thousand years time nobody will know the difference," originally stated by Michelangelo, he ignored the people.

 The Fighting Temeraire 1838

This painting is one that appeals to all.  Turner was able to touch the common heart of mankind.  People feel meaning in an old ship being 'tugged to her last berth to be broken up.'  This is one of Turner's most known and it is often said that he painted it with his perfect power. 

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