Henri Matisse was born on December, 31st 1869 in France. Matisse had a normal childhood like all of us when one day his mom brought him home some art supplies at age 13 and started to draw. “The moment the colors were in his hands he knew it was his life” said Matisse that day. Growing up very fast he really got interested in art and went to art academy of Julian to become a student under the look of William Bouguereau. After his teachings of the arts Matisse really got down the basics, and started to paint still lives and landscapes. Which were all based off Impression art which he used almost whole life as you can tell in his famous paintings like The Dinner Table in 1897, and The Still life with Geraniums. What really made Matisse stand out was in early 1900’s he was elected member of the “Societe Nationale” which was a huge deal back then because he then could show art without review. Mattise really impressive showing was in 1905 when he went on a solo expedition and invented Fauvism and used this combination of pointillist color for 4 years. Matisse kept painting until of old age and died of heart attack in 1954.

Some of Henri Matisse's pieces:

 Dinner Table (1897)

Henri Matisse’s first famous masterpiece the Dinner Table was of huge importance because it really started off his art career to make more pieces of art. This showed off his hard work of studying at the Academy Julian to see how great of a painter he was to prove to the Europe he knew what he was doing 

 Still Life with Geraniums (1910)

The painting Still life with Geraniums was proven as a good painting by showing Matisse’s Impression (at start of career) art to paint still life’s but was just a great painting overall to add to his collection and people in Europe I hope would have noticed that 

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