Hannah Höch was a German Dada artist and is known for being one of the originators of photomontage. She was born in Gotha, Germany on November 1st, 1889.  She studied at the College of Arts and Crafts in Berlin from 1912 to 1914. 1914 was the start of World War 1 and so she left to join the Red Cross but returned to her studies in 1915. Höch made many influential friends over the years, including Raoul Hausmann who (along with Höch), became one of the first pioneers of the photomontage art form. Höch was also in a relationship with Hausmann for some time and often expressed her relationships in her art. Her relationship with him caused both artists to work more thoroughly with collage. Höch was known as the references the hypocrisy of the Berlin Dada group and German society as a whole. She continued painting until she died in Berlin on May 31st 1978. 

Some of Hannah Höch's pieces:

 Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany. (1919)

 The painting "Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany" was painted by Hannah Höch in 1919. The painting has a lot of messages around it. It's a painting with things written for and against Dadaism. For example one of the things are: ""invest your money in Dada!" and "He, he, young man...dada is not an art trend." This painting makes a statement about art and life in the dadaism movement. 

 Dada-Ernst (1920)

 The painting "Dada-Ernst" was painted by Hannah Höch in 1920. The painting questions a woman in a new society. The bow-like machine links the money with the gymnast symbolizing an athletic woman. The barebacked woman then shows a woman's femininity. So this painting really shows how a woman is looked at in the society. They're still thinking of them as just house cleaners and cookers and also begining to think of them as real people.

Love (1926)

 The painting "Love" was painted by Hannah Höch in 1926. The painting is from when she and Raoul Hausmann were together and it shows there relationship. The dolls used were thought of as innocent and full of wonderment back then but they are cut at weird angles, making it sinister. Both the man and woman seem to be caught in a mechanized state of mind because of their love for each other.

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