Giacomo Balla is known as one of the founders of futurism. He was born on July 24th, 1871. He started his first paintings based on nature and portraits. Then in the late 19th century he encountered impressionism. However, problems of light and colors intrigued him and started to tell other artists about the new found post-impressionism theories. Then Marinett, who was the founder of Marinetti, began to persuade Balla to do Futurism. So Balla started futurism and is now well known. However, after futurism faded, he went back to traditional and representing themes from his youth. He died in Piome, Egypt on March 6th, 1985. 

Some of Giacomo Balla's pieces:

The City Rises (1910)

 The City Rises is a piece that is drawing of city with a texture of futurism. Although it is against Milanese urban background, it shows the energies and an industrial activity in the city. Also has men and horses in mtion showing the movement which represents the futurism.

The Dynamism of A Dog on Leash (1912)

 The Dynamism of A Dog on Leash was painted on 1912 by Umberto Boccioni. This peice of art is very similar to other futurism art pieces. This piece proves that hte human frame can fit within both a circle and a square. Also this piece showed the motion of an object in the art. Unlike other styles of art it's figure is multiplied. There are many legs which represents the motion, and it has feeling of cartoons during 1900s.

Girl running on a Balcony (1912)

 Girl running on a Balcony is piece that has similar meaning as Dynamism of A Dog on a Leash. This piece also was done to show the movement of figure (girl) by drawing girls legs in repeated sequence. The art piece is famous art piece representing futurism and has all of the characterists of futurism.

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