Edvard Munch was born on December 12,1863 in Oslo, Norway. Most of Edvard's family died, his mom and sister died from tuberculosis. He started studying art in 1880. All of the deaths influenced his art work. Edvard painted "Sick Child" between 1885-1886, this painting was in memory of his sister. Edvard showed his emotions in his paintings and people didn't like seeing emotion. The style that he used was Expressionism. How Munch used Expressionism is he used the pain he had from all the deaths in his family. Munch developed partial blindness but continued to paint. Edvard died in Ekel, Norway on January 23,1944.
Some of Edvard Munch's pieces:

 Spring (1889)

 This painting didn’t have the Expressionism Style. The girl in this painting is dying and Munch used light colors instead of a dark palette.

The Sick Child (1886)

 Edvard was on a tour in Paris when he painted this. He used a realistic approach to the painting. But mostly this painting was in memory of his sister who had died.

The Scream (1893)

 This painting is said to be a man screaming in angst. Oslofjord is what the background of this painting is of. Munch used Expressionism in this painting to show an emotion.

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