Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris. He was a founder of the art styles called Impressionism which is what he his style was, he used oil, water, and acrylics to paint many paintings. What really made Monet stand out from the rest of his peers in his time was he was an artist by trade, which meant his only income was off his art work practically his whole life. His art was based off the use of colors, which had to “draw” the motive without resorting to line. Out of this art styles came out famous pieces like Impression Sunrise, and Les decorations des Nympheas. But later on in 1860 he abandoned his dark colors and used pure light colors. Which was easily noticeable in his paintings when he started to go blind because his paintings really didn’t make very much sense when they were finished. He stopped painting for a year in 1922 then wanted to start again in 1923. Between his death of lung cancer on December 3, 1926 he painted hundreds of jaw dropping pieces of art. Lastly, he didn’t have very many friends or inspirational people he followed but more went his own way and let art lead him.

Some of Claude Monet's pieces: 

 Impression Sunrise (1873)

Of Monet’s masterpieces Impression Sunrise was by far the best because his use of dark colors. His painting style really made him different from the rest because of his use of no black. Unlike other artists who used mosty lighter, brighter colors Monet emphazied the use of dark colors. For example, dark purple was used for shadows to make a unique painting that tons of people loved.

 Wild Poppies (1873)

One of Monet’s more simple paintings featuring a woman and child in a field with a tree but Monet really demonstrated well by using his use of light colors of the fields and the dark colors of the trees and plants to make a true impressionist art piece. 

 Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbor (1874)

Monet’s painting of Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbor really showed his impressionism well in a simple unique way like it was meant to be, you see people but not drawn with much detail, and boats but not needing every little piece of wood painted 

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