Benjamin West is a famous known Neoclassicist. He was born on October 10,1738 in Springfield, Pennsylvania. As a kid he had some obvious art talent and so in 1756 he was sent to Philadelphia to study painting. After his studies, he traveled to New York and then continued on to Italy. From there he met Johann Winckermann and got inspired to paint neoclassicism pieces. He then moved to London, England and there he became a royal painter of King George III. The king proved West's art was something special and West was honored when he asked him to draw a portrait of the King. He became famous and is known as the first internationally known American artist.

Some of Benjamin West's Pieces:

 The Death of General Wolfe (1770)

A painting of the Death of General Wolfe at war. This painting was focused on the uniforms of the General and soldiers unlike other paintings with Rome style clothes.

 The Portrait of King George III

West was honored to paint a portrait of King George III.This painting shows the power that the King had and the power over England during that time.





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 Death on the Pale Horse (1817)

One of the famous art pieces of West. This painting represents the wars going on during the time and the death of many people during the wars. 

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